International Course on Hospital Management


Hospital Management

۲۲ – ۲۶ August, 2016
The international course on hospital management represents a condensed one-week course of our MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management. It is based on twenty years of experience in training hospital experts in a multi-professional group. It combines special lectures on actual topics of modern hospital management with a visiting program of three big Austrian hospitals in the cities of Graz and Vienna. Case studies and round table discussions should reflect the different views of national and international perspectives.

Please note: The program starts on Monday morning 22 August in Graz and ends on Friday 26 August lunchtime in Vienna, leaving you with the possibility to enjoy our capital city Vienna after the course.

Hospital Management Comprehensive

  • Organization
  • Structures-Processes
  • Human resource management
  • Quality versus economic pressure
  • Case studies, Round Table

Hospital Architecture / Design / Construction

  • The building blocks of hospitals
  • Form follows function
  • Go with the flow
  • The healing environment
  • Case studies
  • Future trends

International Perspectives

  • International standards
  • Key performance indices
  • Accreditation
  • The international competition


  • International DRGs
  • Diagnosis and procedure classification
  • Special DRGs (intensive care, psychiatric care)
  • Ambulatory care
  • P4P (pay for performance)
  • P4Q (pay for quality)

The Role of Hospitals in National Health Care

  • Public health programs
  • Primary health care
  • Choosing wisely
  • Health technology assessment

Vienna Hospitals

  • Wien Nord (currently Austria’s biggest hospital complex under construction)
  • AKH Wien (biggest university hospital in Middle Europe)

Awarding of certificates


in Graz and Vienna

  • Graz ist Cultural Capital of Europe 2003 and the City of Design
  • Vienna is a culturally rich and diverse city, with the opera, classical concerts, ballet, Schönbrunn Palace and numerous museums and art galleries.
  • The historic centers of Graz and Vienna are UNESCO cultural world heritage
  • Optional pre- and post course tours to the culturally rich cities Vienna and Salzburg and to the Austrian Alps.



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