CPT 2015

کتاب ارزش گذاری نسبی خدمات کالیفرنیا، 2015 CPT

برای دانلود فایل کتاب ارزش گذاری نسبی خدمات کالیفرنیا، روی لینک زیر کلیک بفرمایید :

حجم فایل کتاب  ۲۶٫۱ مگابایت می باشد.

*دانلود کتاب*

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®), Fourth Edition

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®), Fourth Edition, is a listing of descriptive terms and identifying codes for reporting medical services and procedures performed by physicians. The purpose of the terminology is to provide a uniform language that will accurately describe medical, surgical, and diagnostic services, and will thereby provide an effective means for reliable nationwide communication among physicians, patients, and third parties. CPT 2015 is the most recent revision of a work that first appeared in 1966.
CPT descriptive terms and identifying codes currently serve a wide variety of important functions in the field of medical nomenclature. The CPT code set is useful for administrative management purposes such as claims processing and for the development of guidelines for medical care review. The uniform language is also applicable to medical education and outcomes, health services, and quality research by providing a useful basis for local, regional, and national utilization comparisons. The CPT code set is the most widely accepted nomenclature for the reporting of physician procedures and services under government and private health insurance programs. In 2000, the CPT code set was designated by the Department of Health and Human Services as the national coding standard for physician and other health care professional services and procedures under the Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means that for all financial and administrative health care transactions sent electronically, the CPT code set will need to be used.
The changes that appear in this revision have been prepared by the CPT Editorial Panel with the assistance of physicians representing all specialties of medicine, and with important contributions from many third-party payers and governmental agencies.
The American Medical Association trusts that this revision will continue the usefulness of its predecessors in identifying, describing, and coding medical, surgical, and diagnostic services.


قوانین نظام پزشکی

تاسیس سازمان نظام پزشکی در ایران تاریخچه ای بیش از نیم قرن دارد.
از آنجاییکه همه پزشکان مشغول به کار در سرزمین پهناور ایران، پیش از عضویت در نهادهای صنفی تخصصی و فوق تخصصی عضو این سازمان هستند، آشنایی با آن می تواند در توانمندسازی حرکت های صنفی با استفاده از پتانسیل های موجود موثر واقع شود و از برخی سوء برداشت های احتمالی به دلیل عدم شناخت دایره اختیارات این سازمان نیز جلوگیری کند.

از این روی خوانش گذرای فایل پیوست ذیل که به قوانین نظام پزشکی در ایران می پردازد، به همه همکاران به ویژه افراد فعال در زمینه صنفی توصیه می شود.